Operational Optimization

Comfort Profit has over 20 years experience helping business and industry take advantage of opportunities to streamline their operations, acquire refunds that may not be known to our clients, and reduce operational expenses. 

This is almost always done with NO OUT OF POCKET TO OUR CLIENTS!

See what services  you can save on:

Waste Management Consulting

Keep your current service provider, save 30% (on average), and we handle customer service!  It is your choice – pay more, or pay less for the same service.  We handle all waste streams including regular waste, recycling, medical, hazardous.  Find out what your savings will be today!

Electrical and Natural Gas Supply

Navigating the deregulated utility markets is a difficult task.  Why use your corporate resources?  We have the experience to get you aggressive rates, and we are a partner you can trust! In addition, we assist you with equipment and lighting upgrades. The cheapest kilowatt is the one not used!

Cellular Optimization

Our unique program works within your existing contract and cellular provider.  No need to change equipment or service providers: the cost is 4 months of the savings, then you keep all the savings!  With an unheard of guarantee of 10% and average 27% savings, act now!


Every business wants two things out of their communications- the best fit of technology, at the most cost effective price point.  We implement the most cost effective and cost efficient Dial Tone, internet, and data networks.  Partner with us and optimize your technology while saving time and money.  

Hospital asset tracking and benchmarking

Empower your team and nurses with real time location focused asset tracking of up to thousands of assets. Save time and money with up to date locations, maintenance, temperature monitoring, humidity regulating and asset profit and loss improvements.
By monitoring your most important assets; temperature and humidity, staff can regain up to 3 hours per day adding value not only to your business but the lives of your staff and customers.

Unlocking corporate tax benefits

We work with your CPA or accounting firm to implement little known and commonly overlooked tax benefits and advantages.  Our team focuses on areas that require a high degree of specialization.  A perfect addition to your existing team.  With nothing to lose and very large credits and refunds possible, this could be a huge cash boost to your business.

Healthcare underpayment program

If you operate a hospital network or healthcare facility, then you know that billing insurance companies can be complex. Through our strategic industry partnerships, we offer healthcare billing audits that target erroneous billing codes resulting in drastic revenue increases for our clients. Click below to learn more about this contingency-fee based program.



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