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Over 20 years of experience helping businesses locate savings in little-known areas of their P&L. All of our services are contingency-fee based.


Our unique areas of focus


We specialize in identifying antitrust lawsuits and assisting commercial clients in recovering funds with no upfront costs. Current programs include Visa and MasterCard $5 billion anti-trust case.

Healthcare Benchmarking

Through our strategic industry partnerships, we benchmark over 10,000 cost items purchased by hospitals and healthcare organizations. We monitor expenses to ensure our clients are not overpaying.

Patient RPM / CCM

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) and CCM (Chronic Care Management) are services designed to improve patient care and management. Learn more about our RPM / CCM models and how they can help your hospital.

Energy Supply

Navigating the deregulated utility markets is a difficult task.  Why use your corporate resources?  We have the experience to get you aggressive rates. With over a decade of experience, we are a partner you can trust.

Utility Audits

Our utility bill audit services specialize in identifying billing errors and overcharges, ensuring businesses only pay for what they actually use. With our expert analysis, we help companies secure refunds and reduce future utility costs.

Water Savings

Our water savings solution focuses on optimizing water flow to ensure meters read accurately. We help businesses achieve significant water savings by implementing advanced flow control technologies.


Our telecom solutions are designed to identify lower-cost providers and conduct thorough bill audits to uncover savings and potential refunds. We ensure businesses optimize their telecom expenses, without sacrificing service quality.

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Our story - 100% contingency based fees

Comfort Profit has over 20 years experience enabling businesses in the commercial sector to streamline their operations and create opportunities for success. We are dedicated to offering all of our solutions at zero upfront cost to our clients. We simply bill a percentage of the savings we are able to uncover.

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