PA Manufacturing Company: Received $80,000 Refund

The problem

A family-owned business with three manufacturing operations was seeking to reduce costs in any way possible. Comfort Profit Consulting proposed a contingency-based audit, where savings and refunds would be shared. The owner agreed, albeit with low expectations, as a recent similar audit by another firm had yielded no results. Since there were no upfront costs involved, the owner engaged our services, instructing us to “go find him some money.”

What we found

We discovered that all three businesses were being overtaxed, leading to both significant monthly savings and substantial refunds. Additional issues were identified, the most significant being that the customer-owned transformer was incorrectly billed as if owned by the utility, resulting in considerable overcharges. Comfort Profit corrected the billing errors, achieving several thousand dollars in monthly savings. Furthermore, a refund exceeding $80,000 was secured, marking the largest refund of its kind to date.

The Comfort Profit solution

Regular reviews of this nature are highly recommended; in this case, the significant error had persisted for six years. However, legal constraints allowed refunds for only four of those years, resulting in two years of unrecoverable overbilling. Conducting regular audits, which incur no out-of-pocket costs to the client, can prevent such errors, streamline operations, and minimize expenses.

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