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We offer unique water bill-saving solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Reduce your water bill by 20% or more!

How does your water savings program work for businesses?

Our water savings solution employs a backflow meter designed to eliminate readable water bubbles that can artificially inflate water meter readings. By ensuring that only actual water usage is measured, this technology helps businesses reduce their water bills and avoid overcharges. The backflow meter is easy to install and maintain, providing an efficient way to achieve significant cost savings on water utilities.

Some benefits of our water service:

The Comfort Profit Advantage

At Comfort Profit Consulting, we are serious about savings. We know that water bills can be a large expense for some commercial and industrial organizations. As a Comfort Profit client, you benefit from:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the backflow filter work?

The backflow valve is designed to detect and eliminate air bubbles in the water flow that can cause false readings on the water meter. It ensures that only the actual volume of water passing through the meter is recorded, preventing inflated usage readings.

Any business with significant water usage, such as manufacturing plants, commercial properties, hotels, and agricultural operations, can benefit from installing a backflow meter. It helps ensure accurate water billing and reduces unnecessary costs.

The backflow valve is designed for easy installation and low maintenance. It can be integrated into existing water systems with minimal disruption, and routine maintenance ensures its continued effectiveness in removing air bubbles.

While the exact savings depend on the specific water usage and billing structure of your business, many users report significant reductions in their water bills due to more accurate meter readings. This technology can prevent overcharges and ensure you only pay for the water you actually use. Our average clients save about 20%.

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