Utility audits

We audit utility bills at no upfront cost to our clients to identify errors and recover refunds from local utility companies.

What is a utility audit?

A utility bill audit is a comprehensive review of a company’s utility bills to identify errors, overcharges, and opportunities for cost savings. This process involves analyzing historical billing data, usage patterns, and rate plans to ensure accuracy and compliance with contract terms. Auditors also look for potential refunds and negotiate better rates with utility providers. The goal is to reduce overall utility expenses and improve financial efficiency without compromising service quality.

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The Comfort Profit Advantage

At Comfort Profit Consulting, we pride ourselves in offering utility bill audits with pin point accuracy. Not only do our clients benefits from our decades of experience, but we also offer some of the lowest utility audit contingency fees in the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a utility bill audit?

A utility bill audit is a detailed examination of utility bills (electricity, water, gas, etc.) to identify errors, overcharges, and potential cost-saving opportunities. The audit ensures that the charges are accurate and in line with the agreed contract terms and usage.


Businesses should consider a utility bill audit to uncover billing errors, identify overcharges, and find opportunities for refunds and savings. This process can help reduce overall utility expenses and improve financial efficiency without impacting service quality.

The audit process involves collecting and analyzing historical utility bills, reviewing rate plans, and comparing usage patterns. Auditors check for discrepancies, validate charges against contracts, and identify areas for potential savings. Recommendations are then provided to rectify issues and optimize future billing.

A utility bill audit can uncover various errors, including incorrect meter readings, misapplied rates, duplicate charges, incorrect tax calculations, and billing for unused or non-existent services. Identifying these errors can lead to significant cost savings.

Our utility bill audit services operate on a contingency basis, meaning there is no upfront cost. We are compensated through a percentage of the savings and refunds we secure for your business, ensuring that the service is low-risk and cost-effective.

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