Healthcare cost benchmarking

We benchmark of 10,000 cost items for hospitals and healthcare organizations to find data discrepancies and savings.

What is healthcare benchmarking?

Our strategic partner in this space is a company founded in 1987. We are dedicated to helping healthcare organizations effectively manage and control their supply and value chain costs. Our mission is to provide advanced strategies, tactics, tools, and techniques that enable our clients to achieve 5% to 15% more savings than they currently realize and to sustain those savings over time. Over the past few years, our team has successfully saved hospitals, healthcare systems, and integrated delivery networks over $337 million through our value-based solutions. 

What you get from us:

The Comfort Profit Advantage

At Comfort Profit Consulting, we have a unique approach to finding hospitals more money. With our team in your corner, it is a win-win. Here is what you’ll get as our client:

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