Plastics Company: Received $10,000 Benefit

The problem

A plastics company was experiencing high waste management costs, which were affecting its overall financial performance. Despite efforts to optimize production and reduce waste, the expenses associated with waste disposal remained disproportionately high. The company sought a comprehensive review of its waste management practices to identify potential cost-saving opportunities and streamline its operations.

What we found

Comfort Profit Consulting performed a detailed waste audit, evaluating the company’s waste contracts and analyzing the waste stream. The audit uncovered that the company was being overcharged for certain waste streams due to inefficient contract terms and misclassification of waste types. It was identified that the company was paying premium rates for waste streams that could be managed at a lower cost with more appropriate classifications.

The Comfort Profit solution

With the insights gained from the waste audit, Comfort Profit Consulting renegotiated the company’s waste management contracts. The new terms were tailored to better reflect the actual waste streams and their appropriate disposal methods. By correcting these inefficiencies and securing more favorable contract terms, the company achieved $10,000 in annual savings. These savings allowed the plastics company to reinvest in other areas of the business, improving overall operational efficiency and profitability.

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