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Comfort Profit has over 20 years experience enabling businesses in the commercial sector to streamline their operations and create opportunities for success.


Dan Comfort

President of Comfort Profit

Dan Comfort graduated from Temple University, then Bloomsburg University in 1985.

Dan started in telecommunications at Commonwealth Telephone, a small incumbent telephone company in northeast Pennsylvania.

Venturing out on his own in 1999, he started his business selling long distance telephone services, in the days when you actually paid for those services.  As that business was growing obsolete, there was a “race to zero”  in price.  In order to build client loyalty, he added auditing of utility bills – complimentary.  A list of billing errors, overcharges, and other issues was presented to the clients.  When circling back in a few months, he found that no changes were made by the client.  A need was uncovered for not only auditing services, but also the implementation of changes and adjustments that save the clients money.

In following years, Comfort filled these needs in the local telephone, long distance, and internet, but realized that a service like this was needed in many areas of business.  In subsequent years, other areas of opportunity for the clients was electric and natural gas supply, waste management, and antitrust suits, and cellular phones, to name a few.  All areas that Comfort has delivered millions in  “found money” and profit to clients.     

Dan has continued to improve the services provided through strategic partnerships and alliances.  Current areas being developed include Covid-19 technologies to kill germs, protect employees and customers of clients, and enable continuity of business in these difficult business environments.  Asset management and benchmarking for hospitals and facilities in the health care world have also proven to be a need. 

The Comfort Profit team will continue to grow and evolve to serve their clients to deliver liquidity and capital resources.  Contact them today to see what they can do for your business!





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