Manufacturing Company: Received $12,000 Benefit

The problem

A manufacturing company was facing high energy costs, impacting its overall profitability. The company operated in a deregulated market but had not taken full advantage of the potential benefits. Despite efforts to reduce operational costs, the energy expenses remained a significant burden. The company contact Comfort Profit to seek a solution that would reduce its energy expenditures without compromising production efficiency.

What we found

Comfort Profit conducted a thorough evaluation of the manufacturer’s energy load and usage patterns. The analysis revealed that the majority of the company’s power consumption occurred during off-peak hours. This crucial insight indicated that the company was paying standard market rates despite primarily using energy during times when rates could be significantly lower.

The Comfort Profit solution

Armed with this information, Comfort Profit negotiated an off-peak energy rate with a competitive energy supplier. This tailored rate was much cheaper than the standard market rates the company had been paying. By shifting their energy contract to this off-peak rate, the manufacturing company realized substantial annual savings. The negotiation resulted in $12,000 in annual savings each year, allowing the company to reallocate these funds towards other operational improvements and growth initiatives.

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