How This Pennsylvania Manufacturer Saved Tens of Thousands of Dollars with Corporate Tax Benefits



“There are many overlooked areas of the corporate tax code that are unknown the many businesses. We specialize in identifying those areas for our clients and helping them save during tax season.” – Dan Comfort, President of Comfort Profit Consulting, Inc. 


There are many areas of the tax code that are overlooked by CPAs and bookkeepers than can save businesses and corporations a considerable amount. Each tax season, new incentives and regulations arise that could be applicable to your business which are outside of normal accounting practices. Here is a glimpse into a Pennsylvania Manufacturing Plant who saved tens of thousands of dollars implementing corporate tax benefits outlined by Comfort Profit Consulting.


“This is an endorsement for Dan Comfort and Comfort Profit Consulting Inc. We have worked with Dan for years now; the result has been our profits have been increased by hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Dan has worked with us in several areas including Telecom, Electric Utilities, and Tax Benefit Evaluation… Our experience has been nothing but positive; since Comfort Profit Consulting only gets paid when they produce positive results, we recommend every manufacturer and business utilize their services.” said Josh B., Vice President of Manufacturing.


When Comfort Profit Consulting first engaged this manufacturing client, their first item of business was to identify areas to produce savings. Some of the “low hanging fruit” that is often overlooked are expenses related to utilities and taxes. Comfort Profit specializes in identifying overlooked areas of your expense items to produce savings. Their utility audit services get into the details of utility company billing schedules to look for places where you were overbilled. And, their corporate tax services look for similar unknown benefits in the tax code.


“For this particular client, we were able to identify some investments they made that allowed them to take deductions in the current tax year. These deductions, unknown to the Client or their CPA, resulted in tens of thousands in savings,” stated Dan Comfort, President of Comfort Profit. 


If you are interested in reducing costs at your business, you might think you have all of your bases covered. Comfort Profit can help guide you to unique, alternative cost-reduction strategies that work and produce results. Interested in exploring corporate tax savings for your business? Contact Comfort Profit Consulting today for a free evaluation.