Hospital Asset Tracking



How does the asset tracking utilizer dashboard work?

By utilizing low energy bluetooth beacons that can be situated almost anywhere around your space, the utilizer dashboard allows activity and operations to be tracked in real time. Thus increasing staff output, equipment efficiencies and overall productivity and longevity of investments. This system  allows for uncovering supply chain utilization misalignments and wasteful behaviours unveiling a deeper level of business savings that were eating away at profits, margins and overall success.

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Tracking business assets can be critical, especially in hospital settings.  Nurses spend up to 2 hours per day, sometimes more, searching for equipment.  Our asset tracking program eliminates that waste.  From virtually any device, track needed assets so there is no searching.  

Savings are realized multiple ways.

First, how much is paid nurses?  This is easy to calculate the financial savings, as well as increased time actually spent taking care of patients.  Hours saved times hourly rate.


Capital Equipment outlay-  with increased efficiency finding equipment, less equipment will need to be purchased.  Also, perceived shortages will be gone and hoarding lessened.Capital outlay may be decreased by as much as 15%!


Theft-  Tracking assets will give more control, of theft.  Less equipment will go out the door.



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