Healthcare Underpayment Program



 We Can Increase Your Hospital’s Revenue By At Least 10%

Utilizing state-of-the-art algorithms and technology, our team of healthcare billing professions will audit your historical billing records to identify errors and discrepancies. Many times, these errors are due to a misclassification in healthcare billing codes that result in substantial revenue increases for your hospital or healthcare organization! Our team will audit your network’s insurance billing to identify errors and underpayments, and recover those monies on your behalf. You simply pay us a percentage of the findings. 

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Custom Software Algorithms

Our team develops specific algorithms to analyze historical billing for each client. These algorithms can quickly identify code errors and underpayments from insurance companies. Since most healthcare billing records are complex, it is important to rely on the power of technology to find billing discrepancies. This process is painless for our clients and can be very fast to perform. Our team includes ex-C-Level executives from the health insurance space, making our revenue recovery service an industry leader.

10% – 20% Increase In Revenue

We specifically look for and identify zero balance claims that are marked as “paid in full” in the billing system. This is where many underpayments occur from insurance providers. Our average audits result in a 10% to 20% increase in revenue for our hospital clients. This revenue is paid directly to your healthcare facility from the insurance company or providers.

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